Use 2Chat for Google Sheets in your WhatsApp marketing campaigns

Learn how to star using WhatsApp within Google Sheets with your 2Chat add-on. Send bulk messages, validate phone numbers and more

Use 2Chat for Google Sheets in your WhatsApp marketing campaigns

Google Sheets is one of the most used productivity tools, it has been a favorite for businesses and individuals when it comes to managing data, creating quick charts, or even executing complex calculations. Now you can reach out to your customers on WhatsApp easily and improve marketing campaigns

Features of 2Chat for Google Sheets

This add-on seamlessly merges the versatility of Google Sheets with the immediacy of WhatsApp using 2Chat API. But it's not just about sending messages you validate phone numbers as well.

  • Send WhatsApp messages: Without the need to switch apps, send individual or bulk messages to your customers within Google Sheets. Just type  the destination phone numbers, your message and send campaigns.
  • Validate phone numbers: One of the standout features is the ability to validate one or many phone numbers to ensure that you’re sending messages to numbers that are active and correct, eliminating the guesswork and potential wasted effort.

Some use cases of 2Chat for Google Sheets

  • Sales Teams: Quickly reach out to leads or clients for follow-ups in just some minutes, sending customized messages.
  • Reminders: Send reminders about payments, order statuses, offers and more.
  • Event Management: Send bulk invites or updates regarding an event.
  • Surveys & Feedback: Share links to feedback forms or solicit direct responses.
  • Validate customer phone numbers: before sending WhatsApp campaigns.

How to start integrating Google Sheets with WhatsApp

  1. You need to create an account with 2Chat
  2. Get your  2Chat API key
  3. Install 2Chat for Google Sheets
  4. Enter the API Key in the corresponding field and start using the add-on.
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