Get a WhatsApp notification after a payment is reversed in Paypal using n8n and 2Chat

Monitor Paypal reversed payments receiving a WhatsApp notification using 2Chat and n8n without programming skills

Get a WhatsApp notification after a payment is reversed in Paypal using n8n and 2Chat

Monitoring reversed payments in PayPal not only helps in maintaining financial health and understanding transaction trends but also plays a pivotal role in improving business operations, customer relations, and overall brand reputation.

A "reversed" payment on PayPal typically refers to a situation where a payment that had previously cleared is later invalidated. This can happen for a few reasons:

  1. Chargeback: A buyer disputes a transaction with their credit card issuer or bank, and the bank or issuer forcibly reverses the payment. This can occur if a buyer claims they did not authorize the payment, did not receive the item, or received a different item than what was described.
  2. Claim: A buyer or seller opens a claim with PayPal because they believe something is wrong with the transaction. This could be due to non-delivery of goods, receipt of goods that are not as described, or other issues. If PayPal rules in favor of the claimant, the payment could be reversed.
  3. Unauthorized Payment: PayPal identifies a payment that might have been made without the account owner's permission. This can happen if an account is hacked or accessed without permission.
  4. Temporary Hold: Sometimes, PayPal may place a temporary hold on a payment to investigate it more closely. If something seems suspicious or out-of-the-norm, PayPal might review the transaction. If the transaction is found to be against PayPal's policies or seems to be risky, the payment could be reversed.
  5. Account Issues: There could be issues with the sender's account, like insufficient funds or other complications, leading PayPal to reverse the transaction.

Reversed payments can be stressful, especially for sellers who may have already shipped a product or provided a service. It's important for users to keep all transaction records, shipping proofs, and communications. These can be vital if you need to challenge a reversed payment or provide evidence for your case.

Let's see how you can easily get a notification sent to a WhatsApp group, you will need:

  • A Paypal account
  • A 2Chat account
  • A account

1. Creating a flow in 2Chat to send WhatsApp reversal notification

Go to your 2Chat account and create a new flow with a Webhook as a triger, you can learn how in this link.

Add a Message component to the flow and add your message with the variables in double brackets.


Please check your Paypal account for more details

In this case we will assume you have a WhatsApp group with your sales team where you want to send the "payment reversed" notification. In this case you have previously

We will send this variables from the flow with

2. Creating the workflow in n8n connecting PayPal and 2Chat

  • Go to and create a new workflow.
  • Create a PayPal connection following the steps provided in this link
  • Create a new PayPal node in the Workflow
  • Use the Paypal Webhook simulator to send a test event to the copied webhook
  • After receiving the request you can see the fields
  • Closing the node you can add the  node HTTP Request which you can use to send a request to the 2Chat Webhook
  • Configure the node as a POST and copy the webhook URL from 2Chat and past it in the URL
  • Enable the Send Body option and select JSON as Body Content Type and in the JSON field paste the following code. The errormessage variable is the same used in the text message component in 2Chat
{"to_number": "+12345678901",
    "variables": {
        "errormessage":   "{{ $json.summary }}"

Now you will receive in the WhatsApp group a new message when any payment is reversed.

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