Create a mini CRM integrated with WhatsApp using Airtable and 2Chat

Learn how to create a basic and simple CRM creating contacts in Airtable, when a customer starts a WhatsApp conversation, combining 2Chat, Zapier and Airtable

Create a mini CRM integrated with WhatsApp using Airtable and 2Chat

Managing customer relationships effectively is crucial for business success. A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system is no longer a luxury but a necessity for businesses of all sizes. But suppose you have a small business or a startup and need to fulfill basic requirements without spending too much money or time learning a complex CRM. In that case, even a basic CRM can significantly enhance your ability to understand, interact with, and retain customers by centralizing customer data, streamlining communication, and collaboration.

Here we will show you how to create a basic CRM using Airtable as your database, 2Chat to integrate WhatsApp as your communication channel, and Zapier to connect both tools.


  • A 2Chat account with a connected phone number
  • An Airtable account, the free plan will allow up to 1000 records.
  • A Zapier account

Creating a mini CRM using Airtable and 2Chat

Copy the following Airtable base into your own account

Airtable | Everyone’s app platform
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Use this Zapiert template, which will connect WhatsApp and Airtable using 2Chat, and when a new conversation is created the zap will add or update a contact.

Register New Contact in Airtable for every New WhatsApp Conversation in 2Chat
Anytime a new Whatsapp conversation is created in 2Chat, find or create record in Airtable and create a new contact

Follow the steps described in the following video

When a new customer starts a conversation a new contact will be created in Airtable, where you can move the customer for a basic sales funnel. This will help you to follow up with customers and even continue WhatsApp conversations with a click on a 2chat link.