Step-by-Step Guide on Migrating from WhatsApp Business API to WhatsApp Standard

Learn how to downgrade from WhatsApp Business API to save money and improve processes with WhatsApp Standard

Step-by-Step Guide on Migrating from WhatsApp Business API to WhatsApp Standard

There are many benefits of downgrading from WhatsApp Business API to WhatsApp Business Standard, some of these are:

  • Cost Savings: Reduction in setup, maintenance, and usage costs associated with the API.
  • Simplicity in Usage: A more user-friendly interface catering to the needs of smaller businesses.
  • Ease of Integration: Simplified integration process compared to the technical requirements of the API.
  • Reduced Automation Complexity: If your business doesn't heavily rely on automation, the standard version may offer sufficient features without the complexity.
  • Applicability for Smaller Businesses: Ideal for businesses with lower messaging volume and a smaller scale of operations.
  • Flexibility in Feature Requirements: Evaluate and utilize only the features that are essential for your business, without the need for advanced capabilities.
  • Scalability for Smaller Operations: WhatsApp Business Standard may better suit the scalability needs of smaller businesses without compromising efficiency.
  • Time and Resource Efficiency: Streamlined operations with a reduced learning curve and less demand for technical resources.

Downgrading from WhatsApp Business API to WhatsApp Business Standard can offer a range of benefits, allowing businesses to optimize their communication tools based on their specific needs and operational scale, for example, you could connect your number to 2Chat and boost WhatsApp conversations without the costs of WhatsApp API.

How to downgrade from WhatsApp Business API to use it as a standard account:

  • Click on Business Settings.
  • Click on WhatsApp Accounts.
  • Select the WhatsApp Account you want to change and click on Settings
  • Scroll down and click on WhatsApp Manager.
  • Click on the phone number to downgrade
  • Click on Phone numbers
  • Click on the Trash icon to delete your number as WhatsApp Business API number.
  • After you delete the phone number, you must wait a few minutes to use the number on WhatsApp Personal or Business.
Important: A number can be deleted only after 30 days of the date of the last paid message was sent. Deleting the number permanently removes it from WhatsApp Business API and you can't use it again for this kind of service. You'll lose all account details, insights, and message history, and recovery is not possible.
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